well-known cultural literates of China-Zhuge Liang Wu Zetian

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Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Liang, also named Zhuge Kongming, was an outstanding stateman as well as a strategist in the period of Three Kingdoms. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, he retreated in Longzhong. When Liu Bei went to look for him in his house, he advised Liu Bei to cooperate with Sun Quan to beat Cao Cao. Thus the country was then trisected. When Zhuge Liang was the prime minister of Shu State, he aroused his all efforts to make the country prosperous. He judged everybody strictly on his merits. The policies carried out by him had hugely intensified the economical and cultural development. Wu Zetian
The Empress of Tang Gao Zong, Li Zhi, the female politician of Tang Dynasty, the only female Emperor in China. After Wu crowned herself, she encouraged the development of imperial examination system and brook routes to choose talents; she rewarded farming and developed the economy; she observed and made good use of talents and welcomed advices from them. During her reign for nearly half century, the society remained stable and the economy developed, which led to a golden period of the Chinese feudal dynasty-----Kai Yuan prosperous period.

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