well-known cultural literates of China-Zhang Heng Dukang

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Zhang Heng
Zhang Heng, also named Zhang Pingzi, was a great astrologer in Eastern Han Dynasty. He created the first armillary sphere rotating by water leaking that could perform astronomical phenomena comparatively accurately. At the same time, he created the first machine to measure the earthquake---the seismograph moving by wind. He not only made indelible contributions to the development of astronomy in our country, but also demonstrated his outstanding ability and extensive knowledge in mathematics, geography, painting, literature and other fields. Dukang
"What can eliminate my melancholy? Only Dukang." Du Kang is a person who is just like a mystery in Chinese history. There are various kinds of legend about his identity and the time he lived. All the liquor makers respect Du Kang and consider him as an immortal. Gradually, Du Kang has already become a household name for good liquor.

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