well-known cultural literates of China-Yue Fei Xu Zhuang

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Yue Fei
Yue Fei, alias PengJu, born poor, was recruited as "brave sodier"at the age of 20. Being tolerated in numerous battles and distinguished himself in the war, Yue was a famous general against Jin invaders in the early Southern Song. In the 10th year of Shao Xing period(A.D. 1140), he led Yue Army defeated the Jin Army to rout in Yancheng, then headed to Zhu Xian Town, and prepared to cross the river to recover the Central Plains. But the royal government enforced a surrender strategy and order him withdraw. Afterwards, he was killed by Zhao Gou and Qin Hui on some trumped-up charge. Xu Zhuang
Xu Zhuang, with the family Chen and given name Hui, was a great sutra translator in Chinese history. He opened a new era for the sutra translation history in China. At the same time he gave sermon actively. Bound up in Buddhism education, he had a lot of eminent students. Xuanzang's sutra translation and missionizing made Chang'an the center of Buddhism in the era. Xuanzang was not only the teacher connecting the culture between China and India, he also made the countries in eastern Aisa drunk in the Chinese and Indian culture.

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