well-known cultural literates of China-Li Shangyin Han Yu

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li Shangyin
Li Shangyin, polite name Yishan, He was a prominent poet in late Tang Dynasty. He and Du Mu were called Xiaolidu. He had been striving in the conflicts between the factions. He suffered a lot and had lived through his life poorly. He spent his last life in Zhengzhou until he died of illness. Most of his poetries were criticisms toward the politics, in regardless of the usurpation by the numerous the eunuchs. They were famous for its verse, which were meaningful. They were written of full literary grace and distinctive characteristics. Han Yu
Han Yu, also named Han Tuizhi, was a litterateur as well as a philosopher in Tang Dynasty. He made great contributions in political and literatural field all his life, but his main achievements were made in literature. He was against Pianwen which started from Wei and Jin Dynasty and advocated the the classical Chinese literature. He had struggled strongly for a long time and was the top in ??8 best litterateurs in Tang and Song Dynasty .

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