well-known cultural literates of China-Du Fu Bai Juyi

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Du Fu
Du Fu, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty, his Zi was Zimei. There are over 1400 poems now. They deeply reflect the society of over 20 years before and after insurrection by an Lushan and Shi Siming. The poems recorded Dufu's life experience vividly. They connected the reality with his individual life, making his ideology and artistic form united. They also represent the highest achievement of Tang poems. Thus he was called the Poem Sage. Bai Juyi
Bai Juyi, alias: Letian, named himself Retired Scholar of Xiangshan Mount. Succeeding Tupu, he is another outstanding realistic poet with the most enormous production among poets in Tang Dynasty. His poems have a greatest characteristic of common and smooth language. His poems Song of the Lute Player and Poem of Everlasting Sorrow are the Chinese famous works of eternity.

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