well-known cultural literates of China-Cao Cao Cao Pi Cao Zhi

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Cao Cao
Cao Cao, courtesy name Mengde, nickname Ah Man,Emperor Wu of the Kingdom of Wei. The statesman, strategist and poet in the three kingdoms period. At the close of the Eastern Han Dynasty, he gradually expanded the military forces through the suppression of the Yellow Scarves Risings. After the War of Guandu, he defeated the warlord Yuan Shao and gradually unified the northern China. In the thirteenth year of the reign of Jian An, he was promoted as the prime minister of the Han Dynasty. He led the troops to the south and defeated the allied forces of Sun Quan and Liu Bei in Chibi. Later he was offered the King of Wei. His posthumous title was Emperor Wu after his son Cao Pi declared himself the emperor. Cao Pi
Cao Pi, courtesy name Zihuan, the second son of Cao Cao. A writer, also the founder of the Kingdom of Wei in the three kingdoms period. He came to the throne of Wei after the death of Cao Cao. Soon he declared himself the first emperor, with the capital in Luoyang, the title of the kingdom Wei. During his ruling, he implemented the system of nine grades of rank and established the political privilege of the gentry. Interested in literature, he has got achievements in both writing and theory with his masterpiece A SONG OF THE YAN COUNTRY, the first seven-character poem in China. Cao Zhi
Cao Zhi, courtesy name Zijian, the son of Cao Cao, the brother of Cao Pi, King Si of Chen. He was most noted for his poems. More than ninety poems remain today, most of which are five-character poems. His poems best represent the achievement and characteristics of the Jian??an style and contributes to the development of five-character poems. His literary works is Collection of Cao Zijian.

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