well-known cultural literates of China-Cai Yong Cai Yan

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Cai Yong
Cai Yong, polite name Bojie. Is a poet, proser, calligrapher and player for old zither in East Han. He was from Jixian Town in Henan Province. Cai Yong had a complete understanding in history, literature and poetry. Besides, he was expert in Zhuan and Ni calligraphy style. He was especially famous for his Ni calligraphy style. He had composed the famous work Xiping Stone Sutra. He was also good at astronomy, mathematics, geography and music. He was a prominent leader of literature in Luoyang City.
Cai Wenji
Cai Yan,alias:Wenji,was the only child of Cai Yong.She was erudite from childhood,good at writing and melody.Her famous works are the Poem of Grief and Indignation and Eighteen Stanzas on the Nomad in five-character style."Wenji Returning to Han"is a muchtold story in Chinese history with wide popularity.

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