Uproar in Heaven, Chinese Animation, 1 DVD, Monkey King

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Runtime: 85 minutes; 1 DVD in jewel case
Soundtrack: Chinese Mandarin Only
Subtitle: Subtitle: Simplified / Traditional Chinese Only (optional)
Region: All regions (Regional-coded free) NTSC
ISRC: CN-E28-03-0039-0/V.J9
Produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio
Distributed by Shanghai Film Audio and Video Publishing House
Playing devices: Computer with DVD drive; Most DVD players produced after year 2000

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Brief Description
Uproar in Heaven is pretty old and rare - produced through the years 1961 and 1964. It is based on the famous novel, Pilgrimage to the West, the amazing adventures of the monk Xuanzang as he travels westward in search of Buddhist sutras.

It relates how Sun Wukong borrows the golden cudgel from the Dragon Palace; takes a poor position in Heaven and then is demoted and even gets unfair punishment; and how he is pushed beyond the limit of endurance and makes a big scene in Heaven. Finally Sun returns to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, entitling himself a king equal to Heaven.

Uproar in Heaven won the best animation film in the second Hundred Flower Awards and is regarded as one of the most successful animations for it creates a cartoon hero Sun Wukong (monkey king) which has become a household word in China.

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