Typical TCM Therapy for Viral Hepatitis

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Compiled by Xue Boyu et al.; Translated by Yue Yimin et al.
Published by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
ISBN: 7-81010-786-0; 1st Edition 2004; 2nd Printing 2006
Language: Chinese-English; 241 Pages; 5.55x8 inch; Paperback

Brief Description
The series of "An English-Chinese Guide to Clinical Treatment of Common Diseases (more info)" is compiled to assist foreign students to have a better study of clinical knowledge of TCM.  The entire series consists of 10 volumes including this book titled with ‘Typical TCM Therapy for Viral Hepatitis.’

Viral hepatitis is one of the infectious diseases caused by various hepatitis viruses, which can be mainly divided into Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Type E and Type G. 

There are descriptions in TCM about pathogeny, manifestations, regulations of diagnosis and treatments, prescriptions and herbs for each related symptom of Viral Hepatitis, and TCM has provided valuable clinical experience for subsequent generations of medical experts. 

The book gives a brief description of every type of hepatitis based on the characteristics of TCM treatment for viral hepatitis, including internal therapy, external therapy, acupuncture, massage, physical training and psychotherapy. The book also analyses the common manifestations and complications of the disease based on differential diagnosis in TCM.

Table of Content
Part One General Introduction
Chapter One Outline
Chapter Two Diagnostic Essentials
      Section One Hepatitis A
      Section Two hepatitis B
      Section Three Hepatitis C
      Section Four Hepatitis D
      Section Five Hepatitis E
Chapter Three TCM understanding of Viral Hepatitis
      Section One Records about Jaundice
      Section Two Records about Hypochondriac Pain
      Section Three Records about Abdominal Mass (Zheng Ji)
      Section Four Records about Tympanites (Distention of Abdomen) (Gu Zhang)
      Section Five Records about liver pestilence (Gan Wen)
Part Two Distinctive Therapy
Chapter one Treatment of Hepatitis A
      Section One Internal Therapy
      Section Two External Therapy
      Section Three Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy
      Section Four Message Therapy
      Section Five Physical Exercise Therapy
      Section Six Emotional Therapy
Chapter Two Treatment of Hepatitis B
      Section One Internal Therapy
      Section Two External Therapy
      Section Three Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy
      Section Four Physical Exercise Therapy
Chapter Three Treatment of Hepatitis C
      Section One Internal Therapy
      Section Two Three Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy
Chapter Four Treatment of the Main Symptoms of the Viral Hepatitis
      Section One Lassitude
      Section Two Nausea and Vomiting
      Section Three Abdominal Distension
      Section Four Fever
      Section Five Hypochondriac Pain
Chapter Five Treatment for the Complications of Viral Hepatitis
      Section One Hepatocirrhosis after Hepatitis
      Section Two Severe Hepatitis
Chapter Six Regimen for Viral Hepatitis
Part Three Experience of Celebrated Senior TCM Doctors
Chapter One Professor Zhou Zhongying   
Chapter Two Professor Guan Youbo  
Chapter Three Professor Zou Liangcai
Chapter Four Shi Zhengsheng 

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