Typical TCM Therapy for Bronchial Asthma

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Compiled by Wang Yue et al.; Translated by Ding Nianqing et al.
Published by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
ISBN: 7-81010-789-5; 1st Edition 2004; 1st Printing 2004
Language: Chinese-English; 279 Pages; 5.55x8 inch; Paperback

Brief Description
The series of "An English-Chinese Guide to Clinical Treatment of Common Diseases (more info)" is compiled to assist foreign students to have a better study of clinical knowledge of TCM.  The entire series consists of 10 volumes including this book titled with ‘Typical TCM Therapy for Bronchial Asthma.’ 

The ancient Chinese doctors had accumulated abundant knowledge of asthma and lots of experience during their clinical practice.  Herbal treatment of asthma is becoming more and more popular due to its natural therapy, remarkable effect, and non-obvious side effects.  Authors compile this book based on clinical practice and related documents in order to summarize the precious clinical experience of herbal treatment of asthma.

The whole book includes three parts. Part one mainly introduces the conception of asthma, clinical features, diagnostic pints, and pathogen and pathogenesis in the viewpoint of TCM. Part two introduces in details the treatment based on differentiation of symptoms and signs, simple formula, experienced formula, Chinese patent medicine, external treatment, acupuncture and massage treatment, as well as emotional and dietary therapy, etc. Part three introduces specific therapeutic experience and specialties of national well-known TCM doctors.

The book, abundant in contents, introduces the knowledge of asthma scientifically, precisely and also practically. Therefore it can be valued as a reference book for medical practitioners and medical teachers.

Table of Contents
Part One General Introduction
Chapter One Outline
Chapter Two Diagnostic Essentials
Chapter Three TCM Understanding of the Disease
Part Two Specific Therapy
Chapter One Treatment in Stage of Attack
Chapter Two Treatment in Stage of Remission
Chapter Three Treatment of Main Symptoms
Chapter Four Treatment of Complications
Chapter Five Regimen for Bronchial Asthma
Part Three Therapeutic Experience of Celebrated Senior TCM Doctors
Chapter One Professor Xu Zhongcai
Chapter Two Professor Ye Langqing
Chapter Three Professor Shao Changrong
Chapter Four Professor Lin Jinyong

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