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The retailer said it was engaged in a research project withthe UC Hastings College of Worklife Law to examine workplacescheduling and productivity, and expects to receive some data inthe fall of 2015.
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"Women's risk of heart disease tends to be underestimated by both the public and the medical profession because of the perception that oestrogen protects them. In reality this just delays the onset of CVD by 10 years. The result is that women's risk factors are left untreated, leaving them more vulnerable to heart attack, heart failure and sudden cardiac death when the protection fades after menopause," Dr Price explained.
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And it doesn’t just make someone else feel good. Turns out, thanking others boosts our own happiness, working effectively as a stress management tool. According to Robert Emmons, Ph.D, author of Thanks How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier, grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, optimism – and lower levels of depression and stress.
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According to IDA chief executive, Fintan Hourihan, the failure to treat these children in a timely manner will ‘consign them to repeat courses of antibiotics and pose an unacceptable risk to their health and the possibility of severe dental infection'.

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