Traditional China's Traditional Way of Health Preservation

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Author: Zeng Qingnan; Publisher: Foreign Language Press
ISBN: 7119020161; 1st Edition 2002; 2nd Printing 2008; Paperback
Size: 7.9 x 5.5 x 0.7 inches; 378 pages; Language: English Edition

China's traditional way of health preservation has developed through the accumulated wisdom and experience of thousands of years, and is known throughout the world for its distinctive methods and effects. These methods are often closely related to the daily life of the people. They are simple, safe and effective, as well as being easy to understand and learn. This book is a summary of the many Chinese methods of health preservation, and has been written so as to be understandable and acceptable to Westerners, containing methods which they will find easy to learn and apply. Daily health preserving methods are introduced first, including the seasons, mental attitude, food and drink, entertainment, work, leisure and sex life. The next section contains some 60 different kinds of well-known, easy and effective health preserving methods and exercises, which are all suitable for both the treatment of illness and health preservation.  

The reader should be able to find whatever he or she needs to fit his or her own daily health needs. The 339 illustrations will help the reader to master the techniques.


Chapter 1. Seasonal Methods

Chapter 2. Methods of Purging One's Mind of Ambitions and Desires

Chapter 3. Eating and Drinking Moderately

Chapter 4. Regular Life

Chapter 5. Sports and Leisure

Chapter 6. Proper Balance Between Work and Rest

Chapter 7. Health and Sex

Chapter 8. Learn to Do Exercises

Chapter 9. Self-Massage

Chapter 10. Ways to Improve Health Without Taking Drugs

Chapter 11. Traditional Health Protection Exercises

Chapter 12. Qigong Exercises 

Appendix: Diagram of Acupoints of the Human Body

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