Tour in Tibet-Xigaze Area Lhasa Area

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Xigaze Area
Xigaze Area was called "the Rear of Tibet ". The area borders on Sikkim,Bhutan and Nepal.Xigaze Area holds an important position in Tibetan Buddhism.There're numerous religious schools and temples,among which,Tashihungpo Monastery is the the best know one.The splendid local culture has been carried forward in various forms.Its charm is attractiong more and more tourists from all over the world.
Lhasa Area
The ancient Lhasa city,which is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region,has a history of 1300 years.It was built by King Songzanganbu.Lhasa has been the center of Tibetan Buddhists'minds.Jokhang Monastery,Dreprung Monastery and Gandan Monastery constitute the centers of Buddhist architectural group,which are yearned for by the Buddhist faithfuls.
After the peaceful liberation of Tibet,Lhasa has taken on an entirely new look,thanks to large scale urban construction projects.Lhasa now has become a major city on the Roof of the World,boasting comprehensive urban functions,reasonable size,favorable environment for investment and a place where fine traditions of the ethnic Tibetan group and  modern civilization are integrated.

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