Tour in Tibet-The Tibetan Medicine Yongbu Lakang Yarlung

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Date on Shelf: 2007-07-14
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The Tibetan Medicine
The Tibet Autonomous Region Medicine Plant is the biggest, most advanced and oldest Tibetan-medicine factory in China. This film shows not only the achievements made by this factory but also the amazing curative effects of the Tibetan medicine. Yongbu Lakang
Yongbu Lakang, which is the first palace in Tibetan history, is located in the southeast of Zhedang Country. It is said to be built for the first Tibetan King Liancizasnpu in 200 B.C. Afterwards, it became the summer palace of King Sonzanganbu and Princess Wencheng. A few centuries later the fifth Dalai Lama converted it into a temple of the Tibetan-sect Buddhism. This series starts with the daily life of the lamas in the temple, displaying the history of Yongbu Lakang. Yarlung
The Shanan District lies in the south of the Tibetan Autonomous Region and was called Yarlung in ancient times because it was located in the reaches of the Yarlung River. The Yarlung River Landscape Park features picturesque natural scenery and cultural relics.

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