Tour in Tibet-The Family of Nyima Tsewang The Legend of the Giant Cypress in Tibet The Niangre Tibet

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The Family of Nyima Tsewang
Gongzhong Village lies by the National Highway No. 318 that eventually leads to Shanghai far in the east. With the rapid economic growth, the local villagers have tremendously improved their livelihood by engaging in transport. This chapter tells of the changes that a villager's family has undergone in recent years. The Legend of The Giant Cypress in Tibet
The Giant Cypress Forest is in the Bajie ancient cypress conservation zone, east of Bayi Town. Covering merely 8 hectares, it is an important base of species original source. The mystery of the Giant Cypress has been solved through modern scientific research Tibetan Opera is a unique art form. The Niangre Troupe was set up by a group of Tibetan drama fans around 20 years ago and puts up regular performances at Norbu Lingka during the Shoton Festival, which is deemed to be the highest honor for a Tibetan drama troupe.

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