Tour in Tibet-Nagqu Area Shanan Area Nyingchi Area

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Nagqu Area
People habitually refer to Nagqu as "the North of Tibet". Nagqu has many beautiful sceneries and the highland pastures attract tourists like magnets. Nagqu is called "the region of lake" because there are a plenty of lakes. The most famous one is Namtso which is regarded as the best lake in Tibet. It offers photographers limitless photographic resources. Apart from the landscape, the local culture is excellent as well. Either the dances and songs or the costumes and adornments have salient features of northern Tibet. Shanan Area
Shana Area is located in the central sourth of Tibet. It was called Yarlung in history and has been "the barn of Tibet" since the ancient times. This beautiful land is one of the sources of the splendid Tibetan culture. Yongbulakang was the first palace in Tibet. Samye Monastery which is the first Tibetan temple enshrining Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, stands witness that the Tibetan-sect of Buddhism originated in Shanan Area. Shanan is also the origin of Tibetan Opera and medicine. Nyingchi Area
Nyingchi in Tibetan language is "the Throne of the Sun". It is one of the richest areas in Tibet, having developed agriculture and booming industry. The most famous is Tibetan medicine plants. This film displays not only the modern side of Nyingchi , but also the traditions. Besides ethnic Tibetans, Nyingchi is inhabited by ancient ethnic groups such a Menba people, Luoba people, Deng people, Nu people , Dulong people and Lisu people. They, together with the Tibetan people, contribute to making this area culturally charming

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