Tour in Tibet-Changdu Area Ngari Area

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Date on Shelf: 2007-07-14
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Changdu Area
Changdu Area is called "the gate of Tibet" because through where people can get to all places. It has ever been a military focal ground scrambled for by opposing armies since the ancient times. The charming landscapes and changing terrain grants have helped make the local culture, history and religion take on unique characteristics. The religiously devoted ethnic Tibetans, together with the natural beauty and profound culture, are presented in the film. Ngari Area
Located in the west of Tibet, which is called "the Roof of the World," Ngari is called "the Roof of the World's Roof".
The area is isolated from the other parts by forbidding high mountains and rough terrain. Yet the place is extremely clean since it is far from the busy world. This land is worshiped by religiously devoted people because it was favored by Sakyamuni, founder of Buddhism. Thanks to all the factors mentioned above, Ngari is the most mysterious place on the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau.

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