Tongue Figure in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese-English

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Author: DING Chenghua, SUN Xiaogang; Publishing house: People's Medical Publishing House
ISBN: 7-117-05767-X; 1st edition in 2003; 2nd printing in 2005;
Language: Chinese-English with figures; 120 Pages; Size: 7.55"x10.55"; Hardcover

Brief Description:
Guided by theories of TCM, this book absorbs fully essentials from many mono graphs of tongue exam, and all kinds of editions of relevant all China TCM textbooks and reference books of higher learning.  It not only inherits the traditional style of tongue exam, but also introduces the latest achievements of modern scientific research on tongue exam in TCM.

Picture attached explanation, Chinese-English comparison, and sophisticated expression, clear picture writing manner and understandable language, science and practicality, all formed one of style of the book.  Therefore, it not only widens the range of readers, hut also supplies many valuable source of tongue exam to the world.

This book includes Introduction firstly and four chapters followed. The introduction mainly introduces the origin and development and monographs of tongue exam, the first chapter is covered with abstract of tongue exam, the second chapter includes observation of the tongue texture, and third chapter reflects observation of the tongue clothing, the last chapter contents clinical significance and applications of tongue exam. In addition, professional photographer takes those pictures with a sophisticated machine.

Over 200 color pictures of tongue make the abstract theories of tongue exam concrete and imagery.  That helps reader to understand the theories, master procedure and set a series of standards of tongue exam. It also promotes the process of setting up standard and regulation of tongue exam.

Table of Content
Chapter 1 Abstract
1.      The mechanism of tongue inspection
2.      Method and special attention on observing tongue
3.      Content of tongue inspection and normal tongue
Chapter 2 Observation of the tongue texture
1.      Observation of the tongue vitality
2.      Observation of the tongue color
3.      Observation of the tongue shape
4.      Observation of the vessels below tongue
Chapter 3 Observations of the tongue coating
1.      Observations of the texture of tongue coating
2.      Color of tongue coating
Chapter 4 The usage and significance of tongue inspection
1.      Significance of tongue inspection
2.      Clinical application of tongue inspection
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