Tibetan People-Silversmith Soinam Yu Zhen and Her Children The Story Of Suoci And His Family

Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
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Date on Shelf: 2007-07-14
ISRC: CN-M51-07-0007-0/V.G

Item Descriptions:
Silversmith Soinam
Soinam is a common man, but he is also the richest man in Gyangze. His name and fortune all come from his professional excellence as a silversmith. He makes jewelry and silverware. It has been 60 years since he first learned the trade from his father.Living and working in peace and contentment, Soinam is a Buddhist faithful. The only trouble is that he doesn't have a child, so he is worried that his techniques cannot be passed down to the posterity.
Yu Zhen and Her Children
Yu Zhen was born in a herdsman family. Now she is a teacher at Yadong Elementary School. Her husband, Ou Zhu, is the director of the Yadong TV Signal Exchange Station, and her son Bianba is studying in the elementary school where she is teaching. Her daughter has enrolled into the Jinan Tibetan School in Shandong Province .This program records the happy life of Yu Zhen's family and their interesting stories.
The Story Of Suoci And His Family
Suoci is a graduate from the Shanghai Theater Academy. Now he is a famous ballad writer in Tibet. He wrote Tibet's first stage play Sijibiji, and has come up with many popular Tibetan talk shows and songs. His family can be called an artists' family. His son Suodan is a painter and Deyang, his daughter, is studying at the Art Department of Tibet University. His brother-in-law is a composer. When the family members get together, there is much artistic excitement.

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