The Tea Customs of Guizhou

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Guizhou Yelang Tea Customs
For thousands of years,the appearance of the ancient country Yelang has always been a mystery.What is the relation between the ancient country Yelang and tea? What made the latter's customs so mysterious in the past?With a series of questions,wervisit Yelang to in terview the people relevant to tea...
Meitan Reminiscence of Tea Village
As early as Tang dynasty,Meitan Tea had enjoyed a widespread reputation.Now,tea has gradually become the main material for Meitan people's living and foreign trade.Then Meitan Tea is transported to Southeast Asia and western countries through the Tea-horse Ancient Road.Meitan is the base for the production of non-polluted tea.As the biggest tea production area in Guizhou,it has become the Chinese western tea village that deserves the name.
Guizhou Tea Customs of Pingtang
Pingtang has a reputation for 'the first kettle of spring tea in Guizhou'.Pingtang people are fond of tea and will brew tea for relatives or visitors.During the time of picking tea,the young men and young women of Buyi Minority will pick tea together in the tea garden.In the intermission,young men and young women will join in the singing of tea songs to express their inner feelings,which is the most beautiful scenery in the tea garden.
Zunyi Western Tea Pot
The 'Western Tea' Potin Zunyi city,created jointly by Meitan County,is the integration of the tea resources in the tea areas north of Guizhou. The economic association of western tea pot is like a big-size aircraft carrier in the circle of Chinese tea industry,unifying the unique tea resources of Meitan County,Fenggang County and Yuqing County,and forming a regional brand group.

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