The History of Chinese Tea

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Lu Yu and Tea Classics
In the history of Chinese tea culture,Lu Yu's teaology,tea arts,tea lore and his book The Classic of Tea marked the beginning of a new era.
The life of Lu Yu was like a legend.When he was young,He became a deserted orphan and then was adopted by a Buddhist monk named Zhi Ji of Long Gai Temple.He left home to travel when he was 22.During his lifetime,he kept writing and finally he wrote the world-acknowledged book:Tea Classics.
The History of Tea Set
Just like the history of tableware and other drinking ware,the development of tea set experienced the processes from non-existence to existence,from being shared to being specialized and from crudity to delicacy.With the development of tea art,tea set emerged and has been developing.The technologies of making tea set also have been improving.This program will give a full account the history of the development of tea set in Tang,Song,Ming and Qing dynasties.
A hundred-year-old Tea House
In 1730,Weng Yaoting,a man from Haining,Zhejiang,opened the first shop specializing in tea leaves in Hangzhou City.This shop was named Weng Longsheng.Once a time,when the Emperor Qianlong visited here,he conferred it as the best tea shop.Later,this shop became the largest tea shop in Hangzhou.In the following hundred years,China suffered a lot and this old shop did not escape the destiny of declining.
The History of National Tea
For many years,experts in tea over the world have been doing textual research:where is the origin of tea tree?
In July 1987,Lu Qiming,a researcher engaging in the tea research,found a fossil of tea seed with thousands of years' history buried underground in an investigation of wild tea tree in Qinglong of Guizhou.It proves that tea originates in Guizhou...

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