The Famous Zhejiang Tea

Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
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Date on Shelf: 2007-06-15
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Hangzhou Xihu Longjing Tea
When People in Hangzhou drink tea,they will choose Xihu Longjing Tea.Xihu Longjing Tea is the most famous for its green color,heavy fragrance,sweet taste and beautiful shape.Longjing Tea and Tiger Spring are most famous in Hangzhou.The Longjing Tea made with Tiger Spring boosts its clean tea water and prevailing fragrance. A single sip will leave lasting fragrance in your mouth and drive your fatigue.
Xinchang Dafo Longjing
With picturesque scenery,abundant rainfall and humid climate,Xinchang is famous for "Shanming"tea.
Since the ancient times,scholars,artists,monks,Taoist priests and common people are all fond of drinking Dafo Longjing Tea.Dafo Longjing Tea is the main variety in Xinchang County,one of the Three Treasures of Chinese Famous Teas.With high quality,it is the best among the Longjing Tea in Zhejiang Province.
Changxing Zisun Tea of Tributy
One thousand years ago,the first royal tea factory in Chinese history,Tea of Tribute Garden,was established in Changxing.
Zixun Teaa tribute in the Tang dunasty was regarded as the "the best tea"by the scholars.Lu Yu,Sage of Tea,recognized that the tea in Changxing was best and recommended it to the emperor.In the fifth year at the reign of Dali(770),it was listed formally in the tribute.The name of the tea Zisun originated from the Tea Classics of Lu Yu,"Zi and Sun are the finest".
Wuyi Wuyang Chunyu Tea
Wuyang Chunyu Tea is produced in Wuyi county "Home of Chinese Organic Tea ",surrounded by mountains and picturesque scenery.The favorable natural environment creates the high quality tea,natural and free from contamination.With pine needle form and delicate color,the tea is refreshing and has the fragrance of orchid.

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