The Famous Sichuan and Guizhou Tea

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Sichuan Emei Bamboo-leaf Green Tea
Emei mountain has a long history of producing tea leaves.Bamboo-leaf Green Tea got its name in 1964 when marshal Chen Yi received the Yunwu Tea from the abbot of Emei Mountain and was asked to name the tea.Seeing that its shape was like bamboo leaves,Marshal Chen named it as Bamboo-leaf Green Tea.The tea water is very green and the taste is sweet and mellow.In 1985,this tea was awarded the gold medal in the 24th session of International Food Exhibition and in 1988 it gained the gold medal again in China Food Exhibition.
Zunyi Yuqing Kuding Tea
Yuqing,a small county in Zunyi city,has a good reputation as the 'Home of Small-leaf Kuding Tea in China'. Yuqing Kuding Tea has a history of over 2000 years.At first it tastes puckery,then sewwt,and finally lighy.It is the favorites of the Miao minority living in Yuqing.
Guizhou Oil-tea of Fenggang
Fenggang people have a custom of drinking oil-tea.When they visit friends and relatives,they will have a cup of light tea at first.During the three meals a day,oil-tea is indispensable.It is not polite without pil-tea.
The oil-tea in Fenggang is rich in zinc and selenium.Zinc,called the 'element for growing',plays an inportant role in maintaining the health.Therefore,it is called the healthy tea and magic tea.
Guiding Yunwu Tea
Yunwu Tea takes in the essence of Yunwu Mountain.It is jade green in color and its fragrance is fresh and heavy.The color of the tea is yellowish green bright with heavy fragrance of honey.It can not only relieve thirst and heat but also have many other health care functions such as reducing the bloodfat and blood pressure and protectiong against cancers and radiation.Its fishhook like shape is pleasing to he eye.The tea water is green bright.With all those features,Yunwu Tea is entitled as the queen of the tea family and is a highly treasured tea.

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