The Famous Hubei Tea

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Yichang Black Tea
The Yiling area boosts its long history of tea production and the high quality of tea.Besides,the tea processing methods here are diversified.Among all the famous tea produced here,the most famous should be the Yi Black Tea which is called the queen tea.
The shape of Yi Black Tea is tight and tender,its color is reddish black and its taste is sweet and brisk.Yi Black Tea,Qi Black Tea and Dian Black tea are the three most famous black teas in China.
Wudang Tea Lore
Almost every Taoist in Wudang Mountain likes drinking tea.Taoism and Tea Lore integrated with each other perfectly.They absorbed the essence of each other,making Taoism more other-worldly.Tea is always regarded as a good choice for preserving health.The tea leaves in Wudang Tea Lore contain some organic constituents which can cure illness,preserve health and promte longevity.
Tea Market in Hankou
In 1868,the tea export volume of Hankou ranked the first in the whole country and became the largest trading port for China's tea export.Since then,Hankou reached its prosperous peak of itstea market.In 1917,the Russian October Revolution broke out and Russian businessmen left Hankou one after another.Thereafter,the once famous tea market in Hankou declined.
The tea market in Hankou experienced glory as well as decline.The history of Hankou tea market is a miniature of Chinese modern history.
The History of Dong Tea
Yanglou Dong,which is located in the boundary of Hunan and Hubei provinces,developed its tea processing industry based on its famous tea leaves.By the time of middle Ming Dynasty,the brick tea made with the Guangyin Spring which was in the southeast of the town had begun to play an inportant role in the boundary tea trades.Aming the businessmen who had dealt in Dong Tea,there were businessmen from Shanxi and Russia and the young intellects that were forced to go to the countryside during the Cultural Revolution.Due to them,Dong Tea became more and more famous.

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