The Essentials of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Author: Liu Ganzhong; Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
ISBN-10: 7119024132; ISBN-13: 978-7119024134; 1st edition 2003
Size: 10.5 x 7.2 inches; 331 pages; Paperback; Language: English

Brief Summary 
This book is a companion volume to the Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine published by the Foreign Languages Press. Its authors are all leading specialists in traditional Chinese medicine. This book is in two parts - the general introduction and separate explanations. This first part briefly summarizes the history and sources of Chinese herbal medicine, the methods of processing them, their properties, pharmacology and rules for clinical practice. The second part mainly introduces, in detail, nearly 200 commonly used Chinese herbs and their prescriptions, and patent drugs. It als explains the provenance, appearance, methods of processing, properties, efficacy, functions, pharmacology and clinical application of the drugs. Containing 180 colored illustration, this book can paly the role of a guide for the application of traditional Chinese drugs.

Brief Contents


1.    Exterior syndrome relieving drugs (diaphoretics)

1.1  The following pharmacological actions of ESR drugs have been proved by modern research

1.2  Pungent-warm ESR drugs

1.2.1 Mahuang

1.2.2 Guizhi

1.2.3 Perilla leaf

1.2.4 Schizonepeta herb

1.2.5 Saposhnikovia root

1.3  Pungent-cool ESR drugs

1.3.1 Field mint

1.3.2 Mulberry leaf

1.3.3 Chrysanthemum

1.3.4 Kudzuvine root

1.3.5 Thorowax root

1.4  Patent drugs and compound prescriptions

1.4.1 Minor green dragon mixture or lnstant granules

1.4.2 Pill of nine drugs including notopterygium

1.4.3 Decoction of mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum flower

1.4.4 Detoxicating pill of lonicera and forsythia or tablet

1.4.5 Heat clearing instant granules for common cold

1.4.6 Antipyretic instant granules for common cold

2.    Heat clearing drugs

2.1  Pharmacological actions of heat clearing drugs

2.2  Intense internal heat clearing drugs

2.2.1 Gypsum

2.2.2 Anemarrhena tuber

2.2.3 Cape-jasmine fruit

2.2.4 Selfheal spike

2.3  Heat and dampness eliminating drugs

2.3.1 Goldenthread tuber

2.3.2 Amur cork-tree bark

2.3.3 Skullcap root 

2.3.4 Shrubby sophora root 

2.3.5 Gentian root

2.4  Heat clearing and blood-cooling drugs

2.4.1 Rehmannia root 

2.4.2 Tree-peony bark

2.4.3 Arnebia or gromwell root 

2.5  Heat clearing and detoxicating drugs

2.5.1 Honeysuckle flower 

2.5.2 Forsythia fruit 

2.5.3 Ox gallstone

2.5.4 Woad leaf

2.5.5 Woad root

2.5.6 Natural indigo

2.5.7 Green chiretta

2.5.8 Fishwort herb

2.6  Deficient heat clearing drugs

2.6.1 Sweet wormwood 

2.6.2 Wolfberry bark 

2.6.3 Snakegourd root 

2.7  Patent pill for detoxification (Niuhuang Jiedu Wan)

2.7.1 Bezoard pill for detoxification 

2.7.2 Pill of rhinoceros horn and rehmannia

2.7.3 Antipyretic and antitoxic decoction

2.7.4 Tablet   of three yellow drugs

2.7.5 Miraculous pill of six ingredients 

2.7.6 Purple gold pill

2.7.7 Pill for restoration of clear voice 

2.7.8 Rhinoceros horn and rehmannia root pill 

2.7.9 Pills of promote discharge of dark urine 

2.7.10 Pills of gentiana for purging liver fire 

2.7.11 Coptis and evodia fruit pill 

2.7.12 Aucklandia and coptidis pill 

2.7.13 Six to one powder 

2.7.14 Pill for sore throat

2.7.15 Green chiretta tablet

2.7.16 Instant granules of isatis root

2.7.17 Compound fishwort tablet

2.7.18 Bezoard pill for clearing heat in the upper energizer

3. Cathartic Drugs

3.1 Purgative Drugs

3.2 Mild Purgative Drugs

3.3 Drastic Purgative Drugs

3.4 Patent Drug

4. Anti-rheumatic drugs

4.1 Pharmacological actions

4.2 Individual Anti-rheumatic drugs

5. Aromatic dampness resolving drugs

5.1 Pharmacological actions

5.2 Individual drugs

6. Diuretic Drugs (water discharging and dampness eliminating drugs)

6.1 Pharmacological actions

6.2 Individual drugs

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