The Best of World Acrobatics

Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
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Date on Shelf: 2008-05-20
ISRC: CN-E22-08-0098-0/V.G8

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Wuqiao, as the cradle of Chinese acrobatics and internationally famous for its long history of acrobatics and consummate performances of acrobatics, is acclaimed to be the Capital of Acrobatics. This program includes the acrobatic performances in the air done by internationally-acclaimed Russian and Korean acrobats, Mongolian jujutsu that commands the leading place in the world, floor acrobatic performances done by internationally-famous Chinese acrobats and the European and American acrobatics marked by performing skills and showmanship geared to stir resonance among audiences. Those gorgeous and thrilling acrobatic performances are credited to be a feast of the best of world acrobatics.
â‘?/B> 1.Shaking the Poles        2.Hand Techniques         3.Rope Show              4.Farce                   5.Phantom Diabolo        6.Single Ring Show         7.Airman                 8.Pedaling Umbrellas        9.Airman Above Billow Bridge    10.Hand Techniques        â‘?o:p> 1.Double Game           2.Double Flying Rings      3.Steel Wire In The Air                      4.Farce                   5.Supple Game In Four       6.Aerial Game In Two       7.Prowl                  8.Female Cycle Game In Group    â‘?o:p> 1.Skating On Desk       2.Farce                  3.Airman On The Rope     4.Hu La Hoop Dance In The Air     5.Strength And Beauty      6.Changing Clothes        7.Farce                    â‘?/B> 1.Frisbee Fork           2.Headstand Inside A Cube     3.Farce                   4.Hand Techniques In Group   5.Supple Game            6.Tap Dance & Hand Techniques  7.Farce                    8.Big Flywheel          9.Hand Techniques          â‘?/B> 1.Diabolo Skills   2.Poking Poles       3.Strength And Beauty     4.Farce              5.Robot Farce          6.Lightning Ball Game    â‘?/B> 1.Festival---Female Sculpt   2.Farce                   3.Steel Wire In The Air      4.Aerial Game In Three  5.Big Flywheel          6.Double Game            7.Rubber Band Game       â‘?/B> 1.Farce                  2.Supple Game                      3.Aerial Game In Double Females    4.Spring-bed Skills With Horizontal Bar 5.Tango In Two      6.Climbing The Shaking Poles   7.Dazzling Roller 8.Aerial skills inside nets ---chasing after the moon      â‘?/B> 1ï¼?nbsp;Ballet On Wire     2ï¼?nbsp;Foot Juggling and Teeter Board  3.Juggling           4.Contortions           5.Aerial Game In Double Females  6.Struggling-Hand-Standing   7.Aerial Silk         â‘?/B> 1.Climbing---Ladder Balancing 2.Contortions          3.Juggling           4.A golden cheerful song---skills with balls 5.Springboards     6.Bread Ring----skills with tyres    7.The Cycling 

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