Sun Zi's Art of War and Health Care, Chinese-English

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Editor: Wun Xianlin; Publisher: New World Press, China  
ISBN: 7800053768; 1st edition in 1997; Paperback
Size: 15.5x 20 cm, 248 pages in English, 148 in Chinese; Language: English-Chinese

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It was ancient Chinese doctors who first used the military sciences in medicine. This was unique and has conferred benefits on society.
An expert on Sun Zi's The Art of War, Wu Rusong, TCM professor and doctoral tutor Wang Hongtu and surgeon Huang Ying, inheriting ancient medical scientists' theories, have developed these theories with their own knowledge and specialties. They wrote this book together, which is the first of its kind.
There are altogether 43 chapters, all of which illustrate the dialectical relations between military science and medical science. It is scientific, interesting, practical and worth collecting.

Chapter 1 The Value of Humanity
Chapter 2 Science vs. Superstition
Chapter 3 Military Preparedness and Preventative Medicine
Chapter 4 Prepare and Prevent
Chapter 5 Military Morality and Self-Cultivation
Chapter 6 Terrain and Topography
Chapter 7 More Is Not Always Better
Chapter 8 The Benefits of Exercise
Chapter 9 Balance Work and Rest
Chapter 10 Anger Equals Defeat
Chapter 11 Mental Calm Promotes Health
Chapter 12 Regularity Is Significant
Chapter 13 Excessive Maintenance Is Bad
Chapter 14 Sex Drive Good and Bad
Chapter 15 Qigong and Morale
Chapter 16 Choices Are Important
Chapter 17 Solidarity
Chapter 18 Observe the Situation
Chapter 19 Analysis Important
Chapter 20 Food vs. Medicine
Chapter 21 The Significance of Tactics
Chapter 22 Formulas and Formations
Chapter 23 Flexibility
Chapter 24 Discretion
Chapter 25 The Heart of the Matter
Chapter 26 Taming Emotions
Chapter 27 Diversion
Chapter 28 Dispelling Suspicions
Chapter 29 Boosting Morale
Chapter 30 Guidance
Chapter 31 Removing the Root Causes
Chapter 32 Bolstering Resistance
Chapter 33 Preventing Disease
Chapter 34 Peace of Mind
Chapter 35 The Roots of Disease
Chapter 36 Holistic Treatment
Chapter 37 Understanding the Six Channels
Chapter 38 People and the Army
Chapter 39 Different Approaches to One Disease
Chapter 40 One Approach to Different Diseases
Chapter 41 Good Timing
Chapter 42 Exploiting the Circumstances
Chapter 43 Cost and Benefits
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