Sun Bin, Art of War, 36 Strategies, 7 DVD, CCTV

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Complete 36 television episodes, 7-DVD Boxset
Sound Track: Chinese Mandarin only
Subtitle: English, Simplified Chinese
Region: All regions (Regional-coded free); PAL
Produced by China Central TV; ISRC CN-A03-02-376-00/V.J9
Playing devices: Computer with DVD drive; Most DVD players produced after year 2000 

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About this TV Series
China Central TV television present the 36 strategies with 36 episodes, each reveals the origin of the special strategy.

About 36 Strategies
The Thirty-Six Strategies is a unique collection of ancient Chinese proverbs that describe some of the most cunning and subtle strategies ever devised.

Whereas other Chinese military texts such as Sun Zi's The Art of War focus on military organization, leadership, and battlefield tactics, the Thirty-Six Strategies are more suitably applied in the fields of politics, diplomacy, and espionage.  These proverbs describe not only battlefield strategies, but tactics used in psychological warfare to undermine both the enemy's will to fight - and his sanity. Tactics such as the 'double cross', the 'frame job', and the 'bait and switch', can be traced back through thousands of years of Chinese history to such proverbs as 'Hide the Dagger Behind a Smile', 'Kill With a Borrowed Sword', and 'Toss out a Brick to Attract Jade' respectively. Though other Chinese military works of strategy have at least paid lip service to the Confucian notion of honour, the Thirty-Six Strategies make no pretence of being anything but ruthless.

For the western reader the Thirty-Six Strategies offers timeless insights into the workings of human nature under conditions of extreme stress. Many of the proverbs are based on events that occurred during China's Warring States Era (403-221 BC). This was a time so infamous, that a later Emperor banned history books of that era on the grounds that they contained accounts of such a devious nature, they would morally corrupt all who read them. Many of those accounts are presented here along with the exploits of some of the orient's greatest generals, kings, emperors, and shoguns. Over 118 anecdotes are included to both explain and offer examples of each strategy's application. By learning from the old masters of the art of deception, one is better able to spot the modern pretenders, for, though the players come and go, the game remains the same.

Contents of Complete 36 TV Episodes 
1.     remove the ladder after the enemy climbed the roof
2.     covering the dagger with a smilet
3.     the feigning madness without being insane
4.     slipping away by casting off a cloak
5.     palming off the substitute for the real thing
6.     relieving the state of zhao by besieging the state of wei
7.     capture the ringleader first in order to capture all the followers
8.     wait at one’s ease for exhausted enemy
9.     creating something out of nothing
10.  killing someone with borrowed knife 

11.  plundering a burning house
12.  crossing the sea under camouflage
13.  stealing the beams and pillars and replacing them with rotten timbers
14.  attacking the enemy by passing through a common neighbor  
15.  making a feint in the east and attacking the west
16.  presenting a bold front to conceal an unprepared city facing an attack
17.  sowing discord among enemy
18.  putting artificial flowers on trees
19.  giving enemy something to induce him to lose more valuable things
20.  muddling the water to catch the fish

21.  advancing secretly by an unknown path
22.  using seductive woman to corrupt the enemy
23.  turning from the guest to the host
24.  reviling abusing the locust trees when pointing to the mulberry
25.  coordinating one strategy with another
26.  befriending a distant enemy while attacking a nearby enemy
27.  beating the grass to frighten the snake
28.  luring tiger out of its den
29.  letting the enemy off in order to catch him
30.  resurrecting a deal soul by borrowing a corpse

31.  extracting the firewood from under cauldron
32.  picking something while passing
33.  catching the thief by blocking his way
34.  deceiving enemy by torturing own man
35.  watching the fire form the other side of the river
36.   running away being the best choice

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