Stone Grottoes by the River The History of the Old Ferries The mother River

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Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
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Date on Shelf: 2007-06-15
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Srone Grottose by the River
Dozens of gigantic grottoes scatter along the Yellow River for over twenty centuries. From Dunhuang Grotto to Longmen Grotto and Yungang Grotto, these manmade wonders along the river constitute a huge pretty pearl necklace, attracting more and more people with their great civilization significance of the Yellow River.
The History of the Old Ferries
The ancient ferries on the River constitute a living fossil documenting the changes of life the local people have undergone. It is a key to the Yellow River civilization mystery. There are a large number of old ferries on the Yellow River and they had great influence upon the local politics,economy,culture,military and transportation in ancient times.This series goes in the past and present of such ancient goes in the past and present of such ancient ferries as Zekou,Tongguan,Guan and Fengling etc.
The mother River
The Yellow River flows across three topographies and there are many falls more than 1,000 meters of height between each of them.The audiences will travel across these three different topographies and explore the marvelous sceneries on both sides of the great river.

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