"Some exporters may still have not been running at full speed early in March," added Mr Williams, who expects first quarter GDP to hit at 6.9pc, below the 7.3pc seen in the last three months of 2014.
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He cites the example of traditional moon cakes made by the well known Hong Kong bakery Maxim's Cakes which are widely available on the mainland but which are still bought up over the border because Chinese shoppers trust Hong Kong products more.
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“We employ psychology graduates for their expertise in interviewing and understanding motivations,” says Jacky Parsons, a Cambridge psychology graduate and director of research at innovation consultancy Sense Worldwide, which has a client base that includes Nike, PepsiCo and Samsung, among others.
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Native only to the single high altitude freshwater lake in Western Cameroon, the small, totally aquatic frogs are some of the most genetically unusual creatures in the world, having developed extra chromosomes during their evolution.
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"Greece ... is not preparing for any debt default and thesame goes for its lenders. Negotiations are proceeding swiftlytowards a mutually beneficial solution," Prime Minister AlexisTsipras' office said in a statement.
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The NPIC and the Health Safety Authority (HSA) advise that if a person swallows the liquid inside a liquitab, vomiting should not be induced. Instead, try to rinse as much of the product out of the mouth as possible.
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The head of Britain's biggest business lobby group welcomed a move to freeze business rates for 1.5m small businesses, but said this should be achieved through fundamental reform, and not cancelling the reduction in corporation tax to 20pc, from 21pc.
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It offered initial funding of $100,000 per project for the design of a new, stigma-free condom that could “lead to substantial benefits for global health, both in terms of reducing the incidence of unplanned pregnancies and in prevention of infection with HIV or other STIs”.
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The conference attendees, including big name pension funds like the California State Teachers Retirement, sat quietly and took pictures on mobile telephones as the protesters broke out into a chorus of "Pay your workers, shame on you." Some of the hedge fund managers smiled as the protesters passed their seats.
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Judge Dariusz Mazur of the district court in the southern Polish city of Krakow said during Thursday's hearing that the court will ask U.S. authorities for more documents regarding their extradition request.
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Two sources familiar with Deutsche Bank's internal discussions told Reuters on March 21 that the lender's retail operations would bear the brunt of its planned restructuring and would most likely be spun off in a stock market listing.
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It may also leave almost all of its projects in West Africaas it has made no large discoveries there, a company executivesaid last month. (Additional reporting by Rania El Gamal in Dubai, editing byWilliam Hardy)
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That was a placeholder till the rules were officiallypublished in the Federal Register, which marks the beginning ofa 60-day period after which the order takes effect. USTelecomhad said in its previous lawsuit that it filed the challenge incase the rules are construed to be final on the date they wereissued in March.
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The educator, who teaches English and Russian, said she was given the option of having an abortion. But she decided against it, saying: "I feel fit. I don't think I will have any problems."
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The U.S. president has already used his executive powers to ease travel restrictions to Cuba, and allow U.S. importers to buy goods from independent Cuban contractors and exporters to ship building materials to private Cuban companies.
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"There was this historically-determined and culturally-conditioned belief in the United States that Cuba's destiny belongs to them. It was a place that developed during prohibition as one where one could drink freely, gamble. Basically Cuba was a tropical island that was there to serve American pleasure.
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Of course, when you partied with college friends, you most certainly did not display the amount of poise, balance, responsiveness, and overall brilliance delivered by an untethered Lexus IS 350. Without the VDIM system’s incessant nannying, the IS proved a blast to drive except for the fact that my right elbow kept banging into the tall center console armrest pad. Was the thrill heightened by the elimination of VDIM’s vigilance, and the associated fear of disaster? Absolutely. But the car’s dynamic talents definitely extend beyond Jedi mind tricks.
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The multinational negotiations with Iran are among the nation’s most contentious and partisan debates. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strenuously opposes the proposed agreement, saying it would do too little to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
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Indonesia's first land-based receiving terminal, convertedfrom the Arun production hub in Aceh, began receiving LNG inFebruary from the BP Tangguh gas project in West Papua,for use in North Sumatra, an area facing major gas and powershortages. The Arun facility has a capacity of 3 million tonnesper year.
The family of marine reptiles, which could reach some 50 feet in length, lived during the Late Cretaceous, between 66 and 85 million years ago. The top-drawer predators ate fare such as turtles and birds but weren't averse to taking on bigger prey such as sharks and plesiosaurs. They went extinct along with practically everything else in the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction of 65 million years ago.
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When Barack Obama took office in January of 2009, there was no end to the problems that needed fixing. Some 30 million Americans did not have health insurance. Hundreds of thousands of people had lost their jobs the previous year, and millions more would join them in subsequent months. The financial industry was broken but, like some ticking time bomb on pause, still posed a serious threat to the global economy. Two of the nation's largest automakers were heading toward bankruptcy. And the country was drained and chastened by its greatest foreign policy disaster since Vietnam.
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Born in the city of Danzig — now Poland’s Gdask - in 1927, Grass was the son of a grocer who found fame with his debut novel ”The Tin Drum’ which was hailed as one of the greatest novels of the 20th century and praised for playing its part in helping Germans to revive their culture in the aftermath of the Second World War.
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Kopacz's chief economic adviser Janusz Lewandowski hasdescribed the agreement with trade unions as "shallow andincomplete" but said far-reaching reform would have causedunrest in the mining heartland of Silesia, an important sourceof votes for the governing party.
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We pass from woodland into meadows where scores of redwings and fieldfares are foraging for seeds – migrants from Siberia, though this year, reckons Ben, they have broken their journey in Scandinavia where the berry crop has been very good. They all lift off in a flutter when a train trundles past on its way to Yarmouth – “a sign they haven’t been here that long. They get used to trains quite quickly.”

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