Shanhai Pass

Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
Medium: 1 DVD
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Date on Shelf: 2010-01-26
ISRC: CN-E22-08-0138-0/V.Z

Item Descriptions:
Shanhai Pass,built in 1381,is the first pass along the eastern part of Great Wall.Sitting as it does on mountains with the almighty sea stopped before it,it really enjoys a natureendowed location which is easy to defense but hard to be offended.
As a time-honored cultural city and a world cultural heritage site,Shanhai Pass has been regarded as one of Chinese Great Wall's symbolic representatives.The scenic site has not a few places of interest and historic sites,boasts of ravishing landscapes and has an enjoyable weather.All these render this city a famous historical and cultural heritage and summer resort.Standing on this ancient military fortification,you will definitely gasp at its imposing air:If one man guards the pass,ten thousand are unable to get through.

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