Shaanxi Province Gansu Province

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Shanxi Province
Shaanxi is the best place where you can seek the heritages from Tang and Han dynasties. As the political, cultural and economic center of the Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties, Shaanxi was the cradle of the mainstream Chinese culture.The Memorial Mausoleum of Legendary Emperor Huangdi,the Temple of Legendary God of Farming are mediums through which generations of Chinese over the last millennia have identified their ancestry with the forefathers in the remote antiquity.The Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses of the Qin Dynasty have witnessed the experience of China as a great country.Nowadays,in the struggle against the sand, the Shanxi people are marching along the road they choose and the revival of this ancient land will certainly come.
Gansu Province
 Located on the ancient Silk Road that conducted exchanges between China and the Central Asian countries and those farther west, Gansu Province covers a vast area, boasts natural beauty, boundless Gobi desert, primitive loess plateau and crystal glacier. Its rich cultural heritage,represented by Dunhuang grottoes,still appeals to people.In the process of the western development,the glory and prosperity of the ancient Silk-Road era will be revived in Gansu.

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