Series of Tai-Chi Praying Mantis Fist---Luan Jie

Starring: Xia Shaolong
Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: English
Medium: 1 DVD
Publish Press:
Date on Shelf: 2011-05-12
ISRC: CN-M23-10-0004-0/V.G8

Item Descriptions:
Tai-Chi Praying Mantis Fist is one of the eight important and famous fists in China. With its great power, cohesive hand techniques and linked group of beating methods, it has played an important role in free combat techniques of martial arts in China. Luan Jie is a very important fist of Tai-Chi Praying Mantis Fist as well as its mother fist, it mainly practices the force of hand tips.

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