Routine I of the Chen-style New FrameTaijiquan(Actual Combat Method)

Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
Medium: 6 DVD
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Contents synopsis: The Routine I of the Chen-style New Frame Taijiqun is the cream of the Chen-style Taijiquan. In this teachng program, the master Zhang Zhijun not only introduces the drill methods and skill essentials of the Routine??of the Chen-style New Frame Taijiqun, but also stresses his fruitful result he has studied for many years. "Leading force by tip-section and folding from the both tips" is the new techniques for pushing hands and actual combat in Taijiquan. The contents abundance, theory novel and skills consummate in it, and you can find everything fresh and new, so it is a rare specimen of good teaching film.

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