Rapid Literacy in Chinese, Learn Mandarin Characters, Cassettes

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Author: Zhang Pengpeng; Publishing house: Sinolingua
ISBN: 7-80052-695-X; First edition in 2001;†4th print in 2004;
Language:Chinese Mainly with Limited English Translation; PP: 136; Size:185x260mm;††Paperback

Brief Description:
This book is to quick enlarge learnersí vocabulary. It is designed for those who have learned Pinyin and the basic structural components of characters, preferably having completed first two courses of this series.This book consists of five parts:
Character learning: Students shall command 750 character after finishing 25 lessons of this book;
Word formation: After introducing the 30 new characters, each text provides 30 commonly used words formed by them;
Oral training: The oral texts are closely related to daily communication and care compiled by incorporating newly learned characters;
Character Writing;
3 Aural cassettes are available for 30 newly introduced characters, the single-sentence text, the word formation and oral training parts in each lesson.†

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