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A bondholder group led by Franklin Advisers andOppenheimerFunds has already proposed a plan to restructurePREPA, committing to backstop a $2 billion investment that wouldinclude a new, $1.2 billion natural gas facility.

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Voters slowly began arriving to polling places in Sudan's capital, Khartoum. Opposition parties, citing a lack of freedom of speech and assembly in the African country, are boycotting the vote, which includes electing candidates for the country's legislative council. (Reuters)

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Officials from the two countries have issued contradictorystatements since then on whether a deal has been signed, butRussian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Mondayone was already being implemented.

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That one-game separation has exploded into a 44-game chasm this year entering the Knicks’ penultimate game of the season Monday against top-seeded Atlanta, which has won 60 games for the first time in its history.

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the EU's mainnational promotional banks, including Germany's KfW and France'sCaisse des Depots, gave their view in a letter to be addressedto the European Commission.

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“They cheer for us,” Jeff Teague, the Hawks’ All-Star point guard, said of the fans at Philips Arena. “In the past, you know, big teams come here, superstar players, you’ll have a lot of cheers for their players or whatever. This year, man, it’s been totally different. They come to the game to support us.”

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Pornchai Rujiprapa, Minister of Information and Communication Technology for ASEAN member Thailand, said the government was proposing a new law to combat cyber attacks as existing legislation was outdated.

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However, the report also found that major challenges in this area remain. For example, there is still no national strategy for these minors, meaning that the care available can vary from region to region.

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Yet Life is Precious, by providing the girls with services to improve their academic performance, develop skills to deal with daily emotional challenges, discover new talents, enjoy positive family relationships, and experience improved emotional health and reduced suicidal risk behavior, has succeeded in giving back to a considerable number of Latina teens a desire to live.

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Some are seeking help for intractable health problems while for others weight loss is the primary goal. Many, however, are seeking respite from stress of work in the '’spiritual dimension of fasting’’ that Dr Wilhelmi de Toldeo claims is one of its most beneficial side-effects. Programmes, supervised by the clinic’s team of 7 doctors, range from the minimum 10 day fast to a 28 day fast: this includes digestive rest day to prepare the gut for deprivation and a third of this period is dedicated to the '’refeeding’’ phase. Educating fasters for a return to their normal routine – and an improved diet and lifestyle – is a crucial element.

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And maybe she can convince enough voters that they have another opportunity to feel as noble and high-minded electing a woman as they did electing a black man in 2008. We made history that time, did we ever. This time around, voters might simply be looking for somebody who can make this country work again, at a time when things look and feel so miserable for so many despite the bow the current President tries to put on things on his way out the door.

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While many GPs at the AGM welcomed the new agreement, there were concerns expressed about its workload implications and concerns about the damage caused to general practice through years of under-resourcing and fee cuts.

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"I want to stress that the Chinese government firmly bans and cracks down on all forms of hacker attacks," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei said, commenting on a report by a cyber security group FireEye that hackers allegedly spied on governments and business in India and Southeast Asia.

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Congress soon must make some tough, non-theoretical budget decisions. Federal highway spending authority expires May 31. A month later, authority expires for the Export-Import Bank, whose loans help U.S. companies export products. In the fall, Congress will have to raise the federal debt limit or face possible default on financial obligations.

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The first 10 days after rules are recorded are a window forparties to file legal challenges that will be consolidated andheard by a federal court determined by a lottery. The NationalCable and Telecommunications Association is likely to file alawsuit within that time frame, said a source familiar with thetrade group's plans.

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At an ASI event to discuss the dangers of smoky coal on Wednesday, Dr Alan Lockwood, a US neurologist and expert on the effects of smoky coal on health, insisted that Ireland's children, especially those with asthma and other lung diseases, ‘can't wait much longer for a ban on smoky coal'.

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He told a French newspaper he would not stand as a candidate in France’s south-eastern Provence-Alpes-Cte d’Azur region despite believing he was the “best candidate for the National Front.”

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The blocky blue "H" with a horizontal red arrow running through it looked like a road sign pointing to a hospital, some said; it looked too similar to the logo for FedEx, others complained; it could easily be compared with a World War II-era Hungarian fascist party logo, a journalist for the Wall Street website Business Insider pointed out.

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The study, which was led by researchers at Queen's University Belfast, involved an analysis of the rates and impacts of heart disease among people over the age of 50. It found that men over the age of 50 and people from lower socio-economic groups were particularly at risk of heart disease and associated health problems.

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But not being able to make solid eye contact with a potential employer sends a message that can be interpreted as boredom, disinterest and a lack of trust on behalf of a potential candidate. The same is true of a limp handshake.

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Dr Wilhelmi de Toledo herself still fasts twice a year, during a 12 day annual retreat, and to counteract a severe seasonal allergy to birch pollen. For the future, a renewed emphasis on data collection is her priority and the clinic has taken on a new research assistant to oversee this. Suspicion and cynicism about fasting is still rife among doctors and nutritionists and she is determined to challenge it. '’We want to document and show that fasting is therapeutically efficient, safe and enjoyable,’’ she says. The science, it would seem, is increasingly on her side.

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Using data collected by NASA's Curiosity rover, researchers concluded that salt in Mars' soil lowers the freezing point of water just enough to allow small amounts of liquid to condense below the planet's surface at night; in the morning, as temperatures rise, it evaporates. However, the finding does not mean Mars is capable of sustaining life.

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A second attempt in February was called off because of high seas, but the rocket successfully ran through its pre-programmed landing sequence and hovered vertically above the waves before splashing down and breaking apart.

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One bleak winter commute, I made a resolution. With neither the money nor the time for a longer trip, I would visit a new country every month. With only 100 to spend on everything, including flights, I wanted the trump-card answer to: “What did you do this weekend?”

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Samia al Qadhi, chief executive at Breast Cancer Care, said: "There have been many awareness raising campaigns around breast cancer symptoms, but our survey suggests that the job still isn't done.

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The GP agreement announced today also provides for a dispute resolution procedure that will apply across the medical card and under sixes contracts and provides for GPs to continue working in the medical card scheme up to the age of 72 if they wish.

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Nearly 100 .com, .net, and .org domains have been "sinkholed" - the process by which traffic meant for specific IP addresses is redirected from suspected criminal-controlled sites to the investigating authorities. This allows detectives to "see" how the application behaves and to intercept requests for further instructions by the malicious software.

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"This is a very promising success rate for this highly complex IVF treatment. We hope that these couples will be the first of many to avoid passing on inherited conditions as a result of PGD," Dr Waterstone said.

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They looked at whether children were up-to-date on all recommended vaccines up to age three: at least four doses of a shot called DTaP (which protects against diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough/pertussis); three doses of the polio vaccine; one dose of a vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella; three doses of a shot called Hib that protects against bacterial infections including meningitis and pneumonia; three doses of the hepatitis B vaccine; and at least one shot for chicken pox.

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ATLANTA — In one of the most dramatic examples of the expression “what a difference a year makes,” the Knicks finished a single game behind the Hawks for the final playoff berth in the Eastern Conference last season.

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Since the beginning of the year, the flu, which can kill nearly an entire flock within 48 hours, has been found in commercial turkey operations and backyard poultry flocks stretching from Oregon to Arkansas.

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The young Ramos boys — Justin is a sophomore at Bowdoin College in Maine — along with their mother joined Chen and Liu's parents in throwing out the ceremonial first pitch Monday under a sun-splashed Citi Field. After more than 150 NYPD officers unfurled a giant American flag in the outfield, Officer Lauren Leggio sang the national anthem and three NYPD Aviation Unit helicopters did a flyover. Both officers were stationed in the 84th precinct and were posthumously promoted to rank of detective.

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"That is the reality of being in a business where peoplehave to leave their homes and go to restaurants," Nigel Travis,Dunkin' Brands chief executive said in a Feb. 5 conference call.Weather is "a challenge we constantly face."

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Demand for rhinoceros horn – which is made of keratin, also found in hair and nails – has skyrocketed in recent years, largely driven by the market in Asia, where the powdered horn is valued for its purported medicinal properties.

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So the heroically stoic Mance Raydar pays the ultimate price and burns in the courtyard at Castle Black rather than kneel to King of the North Stannis Baratheon. What will the Wildings do without their unifying leader? Roam free and join the White Walkers, or succumb to the relative heat south of The Wall?

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"That will deliver, in 2015-16, 800m extra for Scotland, because that is their share of that money which is going for the bank bonus tax, for youth jobs, for more childcare, or for the NHS. Whether or not the overall Scottish budget is cut depends upon whether or not that 800m which is financed and extra is more than or less than our [unprotected] cuts. And that will depend on the scale of the [unprotected] cuts.

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The retailer said it was engaged in a research project with the UC Hastings College of Worklife Law to examine workplace scheduling and productivity, and expects to receive some data in the fall of 2015.

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Poland international Szczesny has seen his position at the Emirates Stadium usurped by Colombian Ospina since the turn of the year following a some poor performances coupled with negative off-field headlines when he was caught smoking in the showers after a defeat at Southampton.

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The Conservatives point to policies they have introduced to improve competition, such as the ability for customers to switch bank accounts in seven days. Banks meanwhile, say a market share cap would hit the poorest hardest: if a bank has to get rid of customers, it is unlikely to ditch profitable, wealthy clients.

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Other books on the list for the prize, which is in its 20thyear and whose winner will be announced in June, are RachelCusk's "Outline", Laline Paull's "The Bees", Kamila Shamsie's "AGod in Every Stone" and Sara Waters's "The Paying Guests".

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The condition of the man now identified as 48-year-old John R. Eagleson is not known, nor is the circumstance that led to the officer using his firearm in the small town nearly 40 miles northwest of Evansville.


LONDON, April 13 (Reuters) - The Australian and New Zealanddollars skidded on Monday after a shock 15 percent contractionin Chinese exports in March stoked worries about sputteringgrowth in the world's second-largest economy.

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Despite being peppered with accolades for the serious teen drama "The Fault in Our Stars" and its thoughtful star Shailene Woodley, the MTV Movie Awards still managed to provide several moments of silliness Sunday, including a rump-shaking Channing Tatum and a scantily clad Rebel Wilson. As always, the prizes were secondary to the irreverence.

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“It was particularly moving to see Secretary Clinton feature a gay couple engaged to be legally married, the first of any major presidential candidate. To us, this decision demonstrates Secretary Clinton’s commitment to LGBT equality and the type of inclusive leader she would be as President,” he said.

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She said even discussions of adding new measurements of sexual and other violence against women and girls to the United Nations' post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) propose limiting research to between the ages of 15 and 49.

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Russia is at risk of running its biggest budget deficit in five years as the economy slides into its first recession since 2009. The government unsealed one of its two sovereign wealth funds this year to cover a shortfall projected to reach almost 4 percent of gross domestic product. Investment has dropped every month from a year earlier since the start of 2014 and was down 6.5 percent in February.

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But then this was one more good, practical political deal for the Clintons. The President shamelessly sold out Joe Biden the way he did, and in return he got the support of not just Hillary but — and much more importantly — he got the big dog, Bill Clinton, in the same deal. And everybody involved with this contract immediately developed amnesia about the things Bill Clinton had said about Obama in the ’08 campaign.

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It is quite a welcoming party. As I walk into Sarah Willingham’s mellow, red-brick family home on the River Thames in south Oxfordshire, her four children, aged from four to nine, stand on the stairs, von Trapp style, to greet me. They’re not quite singing, but they are certainly brimming over with stories and questions that they can’t wait to share.

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Prof Rory O'Connor runs one of the world's leading research centres into suicide at Glasgow University and conducts experiments into the psychology of suicidal behaviour. Mental illness is often a part of the problem but isn't sufficient as a complete explanation, he says.

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Often, Next would run a story in its popular weekend edition, only for editors to arrive at the office on Monday to meet an aggrieved marketing team - certain big advertisers had terminated their business that morning.

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"When I was in banking, I knew how much I was earning, now as a hairstylist I earn more than that," Mr Oaikhinan says. But it is hard work - and the salon is often open until late at night. "Officially we're supposed to close at 9 o'clock but we'll still stay until 10 or 11. We'll stay until the last customer leaves."

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An hour's drive further to the east, up the last climb to the 12,500-foot Shandur Pass, we come across scores of yaks spread wide across an expansive pasture of lush grass, grazing under a chilly afternoon sun.

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It’s perhaps the most arbitrary of choices as the best defensive teams play team defense with help and recover. There aren’t many great individual defenders, and sometimes those who are tend to be overrated, like Chris Paul. He gets a lot of steals, but that’s because he’s out of position, letting his man go because Jordan is back there. Kobe did a lot of that as did Michael. But they had backing like Shaq or Horace Grant, Rodman and Bill Cartwright. Of course, if you wanted one guy defended for one possession, I’d pick Jordan. Michael, that is. But all of those guys are hard playing and will take on the best players.

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They looked at almost 4,500 heart disease patients who were aged 45 or older. The participants were monitored for stress and depression over a six-year period, during which time around 6% were found to be both stressed and highly depressed.

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The Houthi advance towards the Yemeni city of Aden forcedPresident Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to flee to Riyadh last monthand triggered the Saudi-led air strikes to try to drive back therebels, who share their Shi'ite faith with Iran.

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“I thought he was better with the fastball but didn’t throw as many strikes with the off-speed stuff," Girardi said. “The next step is to put those things together and we’ll have Tanaka."

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Excellent points at which to invest included 2010 or mid-2012, for example, as lower installation costs coincided with a relatively generous “feed-in tariff”, the income paid to solar panel owners introduced in 2010.

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The stage and publicly facing aspect of their lives are gaudy, almost tacky. This is like a Santa's grotto of naff attractions. But in the private quarters beyond, where they spend most of their lives, there's privacy and respect.

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The 2014 deficit was down from $680.2 billion in 2013. Before 2013, the U.S. had recorded four straight years of annual deficits above $1 trillion, reflecting the impact of a severe financial crisis and the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

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By now you’re thinking that none of this is exactly hot news – and you’re right. What makes the show unusual is that everything in it is viewed from an almost anthropological perspective. For instance, I have no interest in those 18th century Meissen porcelain figures of street vendors. But in this show, it’s not so much the artistry that went into the creation of the dainty sculptures the curators make us notice, it’s what those figures are doing.

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It would be more natural if Clinton was president for eight years, had accomplished some form of health-care reform, and was delivering an economic recovery to an incoming Obama administration, which had the mission to make America's gains more equitable. That's not the case.

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Amnesty acknowledged these rulings in its statement but said the "secretive" nature of IPT hearings meant there was little transparency about the way GCHQ was being policed. This, it said, undermined the faith people had in official oversight of the agency.

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The dip represents a puzzling departure from a trend ofgenerally increasing volumes since 2009 - when concerns aroundcounterparty credit following the collapse of Lehman Brotherspushed market participants to transact through centralintermediaries in a bid to increase safety.

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“We had a lot of new players this year who are beginning to gel together. We had a lot of injuries at the beginning of the season as well. Also coming off a World Cup year there are a lot of complex issues.

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“I don’t have a great explanation other than I really focus on those events,” Mickelson said. “It’s not my motivation to go try to grind out wins week after week. I want to zero in on the four or five biggest events, and I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve been able to get some of my best golf there.”

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On New Year’s Day, City had been level on points at the top of the Premier League. This was their fourth defeat in five matches and a second in a week, following the 2-1 reverse at Crystal Palace last Monday night.

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Here is a selection of some of their accounts – with practical suggestions about how you could follow in their tracks. And in the panel, right, Mark Smith – aka the Man in Seat 61 – offers his perspectives on a raft of budget options on which you might want to train your sights in Africa.

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In Tehran, Gen. Reza Talaeinik said the decision by Russia on delivery of the air defense system will help improve ties between Tehran and Moscow, the semi-official Tasnim news agency, which is close to Iran's military, reported.

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Holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the July 20, 2012, attack at a Denver-area movie theater. His attorneys don't dispute that he pulled the trigger but say he was in the grips of a psychotic episode when he slipped into the theater and opened fire while dressed from head to toe in combat gear.

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First we had IBM Watson Analytics, then Microsoft launched Azure Machine Learning. With last week’s launch of Amazon Machine Learning, the e-commerce giant is the latest tech giant to attempt to democratize the development and use of machine learning models and make the technology useful to people who aren’t data scientists.

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Islamic State insurgents have persecuted Shi'ite Muslims, Christians and others who do not share their ultra-radical brand of Sunni Islam as they carved a self-declared caliphate out of swathes of Syria and Iraq, which share borders with Turkey.


The report noted that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to be placed in special classes or special school settings. And overall, a higher percentage of students attend special schools when they move on to secondary school.

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Frankenberg is leading NASA’s side of the investigation. Other agencies and organizations participating in the search include the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) in Boulder, Colorado and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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The Senate now is poised to end the charade by approving a bill the House passed overwhelmingly last month. The bill would reward doctors who meet various targets for quality and cost-effectiveness in Medicare treatments.

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Aides have said Clinton's campaign schedule will feature plenty of smaller events where she can listen to voters. Her visit to Iowa, which holds the kickoff contest in the nominating process early in 2016, will be a "listening tour." It will include a roundtable discussion with students and educators on Tuesday and small-business owners on Wednesday.

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Postnatal (postpartum) depression typically affects mothers within the first year of their baby's life, most often within the first four weeks. Symptoms can include low moods, feelings of sadness and loneliness, frequent crying for no apparent reason, anxiety, feeling unable to cope and lacking energy.

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Babies, they lull you into a false sense of security: lying still for hours, staring at their hands wondering what on earth they could be for. But they will move at some point, probably when you have perched them on the edge of the sofa, exactly as the health visitor advised you not to.

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Mitre, which is owned by the London-based Pentland Group,has called the report a "hoax" and a "hatchet job," aimed attarnishing the reputation of a company at the forefront ofglobal efforts to eradicate child labor.

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Violent spillover from the conflict is not the only adversity these children face. Their displacement means they have limited access to humanitarian support, including healthcare, education and basic social services.

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WEST'S BEST: Because division winners can be seeded no worse than fourth, that's where Portland (51-29 entering Monday night's game) will end up. And though they won the Northwest Division, they'll open the playoffs on the road. The second seed will be the Southwest Division winner, which will be San Antonio, Houston or Memphis. Those three teams, along with the Clippers, all have a chance to finish with the West's second-best record — and all will finish with better records than Portland. The Spurs are 55-26, while the Rockets, Clippers and Grizzlies were all 54-26 entering Monday.

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The case is being closely watched by auditors as it partlyhinges on the need for accountants take the public interest intoaccount in their work. Deloitte, one of the world's top fouraccountants, had argued it was unclear what regulators meant bythis.

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Conti, 46, will be released on a $500,000 bond. He will facea jury trial on Oct. 5 alongside another ex-Rabobank employee,Anthony Allen, a U.K. citizen who was the bank's former globalhead of liquidity and finance.

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Ian Bell, who apparently never contributes in a crisis (?), brings up his fifty off Benn's first ball. The gangly spinner drops short and Bell spins to pull it sweetly for four in front of square. Up goes the bat, but nothing too ostentatious. It's as if he's telling himself to focus.

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Her roll-out included a sophisticated use of social media, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube - a contrast to her last campaign that was seen as less adept than Obama's at using technology to convey messages.

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Aintree's managing director John Baker has called for 'negative' photos of women dressed up for Ladies Day to be banned. But the women are posting their own selfies on social media regardless of the 'ban'

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Col. Andriy Lishchynskyi, a Ukrainian representative for monitoring the cease-fire in the east, blamed the clashes on "a highly emotional state and personal animosity" between the fighters on both sides, according to the Interfax news agency.

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Keepers at a Scottish safari park are celebrating the arrival of its first Humboldt penguin chick in two years. The two-week-old chick is doing well after hatching at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling. The baby is being looked after by foster parents, after its biological parents abandoned the egg.

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The unlikely trio of Charli XCX, Ty Dolla $ign and Tinashe managed to drag in the show's most energetic routine with their fresh pop-rap collaboration "Drop That Kitty." From behind an oversized inflatable guitar, Charli kicked off the performance backed by her all-girl band on "Famous" before she was joined for "Drop That Kitty" by Ty, Tinashe and a chorus line of female dancers clad in tight pink jumpsuits and cat-inspired 'dos. The new ditty had the Nokia Theatre crowd purring.

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There are over 87,000 different drink combinations at Starbucks, according to the coffee retailer’s website… but how many of them do you know? From flu remedies to Harry Potter-inspired beverages, we highlight the weird and the wonderful brews and infusions.

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The family have a farm in the small village of Talybont-on-Usk in the Brecon Beacons, where Carwyn's parents Ceri and Rhys run Coity Bach Farm, an award-winning produce business, and they also rent holiday cottages.

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The Italian health minister described Italy as a "dying country" in February. Germany has spent heavily on family subsidies but has little to show for it. Greece's depression has further stalled its birthrate. And in Denmark, the birthrate has been below the so-called replacement rate needed to keep a population from declining — just over two children per woman — since the early 1970s.

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The United States and Israel had lobbied Russia to block themissile sale before it did so in 2010, saying the S-300 systemcould be used to shield Iran's nuclear facilities from possiblefuture air strikes.

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