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There are two hardware buttons—the digital crown and power button. The crown is easy to use to scroll through lists onscreen, and is set high enough on the case that it won’t depress when you’re wrist is downward dogging in yoga. (So I’m told.) The icons for the functions on the face are small, but respond easily to touch commands.
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The Celtics still have a fighting shot in the playoff hunt with their magic number down to one. The team could clinch an eight seed tonight if the Brooklyn Nets fall tonight to the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have a playoff spot already so if they rest starters, it could be anyone’s game.
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Using data collected by NASA's Curiosity rover, researchers concluded that salt in Mars' soil lowers the freezing point of water just enough to allow small amounts of liquid to condense below the planet's surface at night; in the morning, as temperatures rise, it evaporates. However, the finding does not mean Mars is capable of sustaining life.
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"Jihadist terrorism is a direct threat for the security of our countries and our citizens and without doubt is our main threat right now," Rajoy said, opening the one-day conference in the Pedralbes palace in Barcelona. "I am convinced that a shared commitment between both shores of the Mediterranean will allow us to defeat terrorist barbarism."

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