Outlaws of the Marsh (Shui Hu Zhuan), 15 DVD Boxset, CCTV

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Complete 43 television episodes; 15 DVD Boxset
Soundtrack: Chinese only; Subtitle: Null
Region: All regions (Regional-coded free); ISRC CN-A03-98-323-04/V.J9
Produced by CCTV in 1996;directed by Zhang Shaolin; Starred by Li Xuejian….
Playing devices: Computer with DVD drive; Most DVD players produced after year 2000

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''Outlaws of the Marsh'' is one of China’s greatest works of literature, also known as "All Men are Brothers," "The Water Margin". In Chinese, this classic is titled as Shui Hu Zhuan, which was written by Shi Nai-Anin mid-14th Century. The story is set in the reign of Northern Song Dynasty Emperor Hui Zong (1101-1125), It depicts 108 heroic men and women who band together in the marshes around Mount Liang to ferment an insurgence against corrupt tyrants.

The 43 TV episodes, produced by CCTV in 1996, have been widely recognized as a master piece in translating the classic book into moving pictures. Audiences will find intrigue, adventure, murder, warfare, romance, and more in these 43 episodes. 

Contents of Complete 43 Episodes
1.     Gao Qiu being found
2.     Boxing Zhen Guanxi
3.     Making trouble in Wutai
4.     Pull out a weeping willow
5.     The white tiger hall
6.     The wild boar forest
7.     The windy and snowy mountain temple
8.     Liu Chong becomes a wild hero
9.     Yang zhi selling swords
10.   Seven Stars’ gathering

11.   Getting the birthday gifts content tactically
12.   Sending out chao tianwang secretly
13.   Killing wang lun
14.  Song jiang kills xi
15.  Jingyang ridge
16.  Brothers getting together
17.  Mrs. Wang flirting
18.  Mr. Wu found the wife’s affair
19.  The lion building
20.  Beating landlord jiang after drunk 

21.  Blood in yuanyang building
22.  Qingfeng village
23.  Sending to jiang city
24.  Writing satiric poetry in xunyang building
25.  Making trouble in jiang city
26.  Li kui carries his mother
27.  The zhu village 1
28.  The zhu village 2
29.  Destroyi9ng the interlink tactics
30.  Zengtou city 

31.  Lu Junuyi comes up the liang mountain
32.  Heros arranging seating orders
33.  Making a mess in the capital on lantern festival
34.  Yan qing boxing in the arenan
35.  Li kui becomes an officer
36.  Stealing alcohol and the recript
37.  Defeating officer gao
38.  Offering the heroes amnesty and enlistment
39.  Blood in chenqiao post
40.  Enlisting for fang la
41.  Haunted yongjin gate
42.  Blood in wulong range
43.  The death of Songjiang

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