Operas in the Yellow River Water Towers in China

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Date on Shelf: 2007-07-19
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Operas in the Yellow River 
An ancient saying "The local dialects go with the water in the River." goes in the reach of the Yellow River.It means the Yellow River feeds numerous cultures and there are as many traditions cultures and traditional operas as dialects in the region. After the Yellow River turning thousands of curves and being taken by the sea, the rich and plain operas are still performed in the daily life of the local people.
Water Towers in China
The capital city of the Northern Song Dynasty Bianliang, named Kaifeng today, were known for its peerless prosperities. But it disappeared with the Song Dynasty. What had happened there?Why can we see the wonder of cities pilling upon cities in the relics? How was this wonder discovered?You will find the solutions to the questions here.

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