New Chinese-English Dictionary of Function Words, Learn Mandarin

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Compiler: Wang Huai; Publishing house: Sinolingua Press
ISBN: 7800525049; 1st edition 1999; 2nd printing 2003
Language: Chinese & English; Size: 203x140mm; PP: 514;  Paperback

Brief Description:
It is a concise and practical dictionary of the function words of the modern Chinese language, also a very useful reference to understand the complexity of Chinese function words.

The dictionary entries include all the function words and phrases of the language. There are 947 entries in total, including: 565 adverbs, 59 prepositions, 139 conjugations, 44 particles, 38 interjections, 36 compounds and 66 structures.

This new edition has several improvements over the previous version: all the entries are sequenced alphabetically instead of by parts of speech, and the examples are all taken from everyday life rather than works of literature.  Pinyin translation and a phonetic alphabetical index also provided.

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