Most Common Radicals, Learn Write CHINESE Characters

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Author:       Zhang Pengpeng; Publishing house: Sinolingua
ISBN:7-80052-576-7; First edition in 2001; 4th print in 2004
Language:   Simplified Chinese with English Translation: PP:146 pages;  Size: 185x260mm; Paperback

Brief Description:
This book starts by introducing the eight basic types of strokes with the variant forms; stroke names and rules for forming them. Then it goes to introduce 108 most commonly used radicals, sequenced from the simple to the more complicated according to the number of their strokes.  Each radical is accompanied by its name, meaning, function, origin, way of writing and number of strokes. Finally, the book focuses on the combination of components for each compound character; and emphasis is placed on the logical relationship between its components, meaning and the structural type of the components.
To summarize, this book is a good writing course in helping beginners to understand and learn how to write Chinese characters.

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