Monkey King Subdued the Evil, Chinese Animation, 1 DVD

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Runtime: 86 minutes; 1 DVD in jewel case; Released in 1985
Chinese Mandarin ONLY
Subtitle: English / Chinese (optional, removable)
Region: All regions (Regional-coded free) NTSC
ISBN: 7-88414-416-6; ISRC: CN-E28-03-0038-0/V.J9
Produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio
Distributed by Shanghai Film Audio and Video Publishing House

Playing devices: Computer with DVD drive; Most DVD players produced after year 2000

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Brief Description
Monkey King helped Monk Tang travel to the west to take the Buddhist scripts.  They met a White Bone Evil on their way to the west.  The evil appeared to be human for three times to seduce the Monk, but Monkey King brought them down.  On account of Monk Tang’s misunderstanding, he laid the blame for Monkey King’s rudeness and incanted to drive him away.  Monkey King did nothing but endured his complaints and returned to his birth place,
Hua guo Mountain after then.  Monk Tang and his disciples were later cheated by White Bone Evil to enter the false ‘ Tianwang Temple’.  However, Bajie, the 2nd disciple, escaped and went to Huaguo Mountain to find Monkey King for help……
This cartoon has won many domestic and overseas awards.

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