Methods of Traditional Chinese Health Care

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Author: Zeng Qingnan; Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
ISBN-10: 7119059938; ISBN-13: 978-7119059938; 2nd edition 2009
Size: 21.6 x 15.2 x 1.4 cm; 188 pages; Paperback; Language: English edition

Traditional Chinese medicine is by no means limited to herbal medication and acupuncture; its many branches of therapeutic methods include exercise therapies such as qigong and massage, which have an even longer history than medication. They were not only recorded in medical literature, but have also been handed down and widely disseminated among the Chinese as self-health care measures because of their simplicity and effectiveness. In this book, the editor has selected only a limited portion of these measures.

Most of the diseases that can be prevented and treated by these measures are "minor" problems, not so serious as cancers and cardiovascular seizures. However, these "minor" problems are so common that they cause great suffering and enormous economic loss if the whole community is considered. "Health for all by the year 2000," advocated by the World Health Organization, is becoming the common goal of people all over the world. One of the fundamental approaches to meeting this goal is the participation of people at the community level; they need to have easy access to simple methods that will improve their health. This collection of health care measures can partly meet this requirement.

Brief Contents
Part One Methods of Curing Diseases
Treatment of White Hair
Treatment of Myopia with Still Qigong
A Therapeutic Exercise for Stiff Neck
Prevention and Treatment of Cervical Spondylosis by Writing a Chinese Character
Exercise for Periarthritis of the Shoulder
Patting as Treatment for Shoulder Pain and Backache
Abdomen-Kneading 覧 A Remedy for Gastrointestinal Diseases
Treatment of Lower Back Pain 覧 "Back-Moving"
Treatment of Sciatica 覧 Lying, Sitting and Standing
Anus-Lifting Exercise 覧 A Method for Preventing and Treating Hemorrhoids
Waist-Rubbing Exercise
"Waist-Turning" Exercise 覧 A Remedy for Constipation
An Effective Treatment for Enuresis
Treatment of Pain in the Knee Joint by Physical Exercise
Self-Massage for Insomnia
Massage Treatment of Meniere's Syndrome
Rubbing the Arch of the Foot and Massaging the Head and Neck to Lower Blood Pressure
Digital Acupoint Pressure for Treating Common Ailments in the Aged
Treatment of Headache, Syncope, Lumbago, Angina Pectoris and Nocturnal Emission by Digital Acupoint Pressure
Prevention and Treatment of Systremma(Cramp in the Leg)
Qigong Therapy for Nocturnal Emission, Hemorrhoids and Incontinence of Urine

Part Two Methods of Keeping Fit
Patting All over the Body
Ten-Minute Self-Massage Before Sleep
Ten-Minute Qigong Practice
"Rocking on the Wave" 覧 A Kind of Self-Massage
Health Exercise for the Prevention of Colds
Protection of Health by "Hair-Combing"
Laozi's Brain-Tonifying Exercise
Protection of Teeth
Digital Exercise
"Hungry Tiger Stretches Itself

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