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Runtime: 94 minutes; 1 DVD in jewel case; Released in 1990
Soundtrack: English, Chinese, Japanese (optional)
Subtitle: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese (optional, removable)
Region: All regions (Regional-coded free) NTSC
ISBN: ISBN: 7-88071-612-2; ISRC: CN-A23-99-0011-0/V.J
Produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio

China National Publication Imp & Exp Corp. Shanghai Branch
Playing devices: Computer with DVD drive; Most DVD players produced after year 2000

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Brief Description
Lotus Lantern was the most popular film in
China in 1999. It features ancient fable of Chengxiang fighting with the God Erlang and reunited with his mother. Lotus Lantern is a China's Disney movie. It took four years, with over 150,000 cells animated, over 2,000 backgrounds painted to make this all star movie.

A popular cartoon film in China, this traditional folktale tells the story of San Sheng Mu.  Sheng Mu was a goddess in the heavenly palace and fell in love with a young human scholar and gave birth to Chen Xiang.  Their marriage was strongly denied by the god Er Lang Shen, the elder brother of the goddess.  He imprisons her under Mount Huashan and wrests away her magical lotus lantem. Chen Xiang, when informed of his mother's tragic story, sets out to save his mother by any means possible. His perseverance and eloquence finally convinced Sun Wu Kong, the sacred warrior, to join him in the battle against the vicious god.  At the decisive moment, the lantern appears suddenly and its brilliance kills all the tricks of the god.  The lantern is returned to the liberated mother and harmony is restored with the reunification of mother, son, and the lotus lantern.

Both soundtrack and subtitles of this DVD comes with English, Chinese and Japanese language, enabling it more accessible than previous editions.

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