Learning & Memory Manual of Meridians & Acupoints

Editor: Shao Shui Jin; Publishing house: Zhengzhou University Press
ISBN7-81048-644-6; 1st edition in 2003;  2nd printing in 2003
Language: Simplified Chinese & English; 444 Pages; Size: 4.1X5.8 inch; Paperback

Brief Description:
The manual is composed of Part Meridians and Part Acupoints.
Part Meridians:
Present the courses and distribution of the Fourteen Meridians of human body in detail, and diagrammatic sketch of Fourteen Meridians to help remembering and grasping.
Part Acupoints:
Introduce concisely 361 acupoints of the Fourteen Meridians and 48 commonly used Extraordinary Acupoints, containing: location, indications, method, mnemonic points, corresponding diagrammatic sketch, marking the international standard nomenclature, Pinyin and names of special acupoints.

Distinguished Features:
Both the corresponding diagrams and its accompanying essay are excellent, attach importance to practical value and scientism, rational arrangement and design of printed sheet, apt for readers to remember, grasp and look through.
The manual is able to assist the acupuncturists in clinical application, the faculty and students of the universities of TCM, acu-moxi fans and oversea students.

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