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Author: Tan Huay Peng; Publishing house: New World Press; 
ISBN: 7-80005-515-9; 1st edition in 1999;; 12th printing in 2006
anguage: English, Chinese with Pinyin notation; Size: 7.5"x10.5"; PP: 185; Paperback

Brief Description:
Chinese script of one form or another has been in existence for over 5000 years.  This fascinating book uses cartoons to illustrate the origin and development of Chinese characters to their present forms. 

Chinese script consists of characters, which range from simple pictographic representations of objects, to complex compound characters. 

These set of cartoons illustrates how some of the radicals, and their associated characters, have evolved over the years.  They make a useful introduction to the Chinese language and also provide a fascinating insight into the Chinese sense of humor. 

The historical background of the script is given, as well as information on the type of stroke, stroke sequence and Pinyin pronunciation.

Useful information and basic knowledge is provided on the origins and development, as well as the types of stroke and stroke sequence of 369 commonly used characters introduced in the book, which will help those learning Chinese characters and their written formats. 

Days, months and numbers in Chinese are also provided in the Appendix, making this book invaluable to anyone starting to learn Chinese. 

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