Learn Chinese Measure Words through Pictures, Grammar Book

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Complier: Jiao Fan: Publishing house: Sinolingua Press
ISBN: 7-80052-201-6; 1st edition 1993; 2nd Printing in 1995
Language: Chinese-English with 100 illustrations; Size: 7.5X10.2 inch;  PP: 244;  Paperback 

Brief Description:
The book aims to help foreign students in learning different uses of Chinese measure words.  A total of 143 mostly commonly used measure words have been selected for this book, including individual measure, group measure, partitive measure, container measure, temporary measure, quasi-measure and action measure words.

Nearly 300 situational passages and dialogues with more than 100 illustrations in the book are designed to show the measure words in their usual context.  To meet the needs of the elementary learners, simple Chinese language has been used in this book, and the word order follows a simple pattern and the sentences are short and easy to understand.
Layout of This Book
Each measure word entry is followed, if necessary, by four parts:
1. An explanation in English
2. Situational passages or dialogues
3. Other example phrases
4. New words
Some entries are provided with additional notes on usage.  When an entry has more than one meaning, the meanings are numbered in sequence and followed by the same four parts.

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