Learn Chinese Idioms & Colloquialisms, Beijing University Press

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Author:††Hu Hong; Publishing house:†BeijingUniversity Press
ISBN: 7-301-05-746-6;††1st edition in 2002;††3rd printing in 2006;† PP:†204†pages;† Size: 5.5''x8''; Paperback
Language:†English translation throughout;

Brief Description:
There is a group of expression in everyday Chinese like slang, like idioms, like pet phrases.Learners of Chinese know the meaning of each word made up the expression but just canít figure out the real meaning of the expression.
This book aims to help learners in understanding those expressions or sentences that are made up of all words you know yet combine to make a puzzle and got no where to find in dictionaries.
This book is divided into two parts: section one is idiomatic patterns and expressions, while section two is figurative slang.
All of the phrases chosen in this book are commonly used, simple and colloquial.

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