Learn 500 Basic Chinese Characters: A Speedy Elementary Course

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Author: Patrick Lin, Zhou Jian; Publishing house: Sinolingua Press
ISBN: 7800524604; 2nd edition 2006; 4th printing in 2006
Language: English & Chinese, with pinyin notation; Size: 7.5X10 inch; PP: 522;  Paperback

Brief Description:
This book provides the beginning learner of Chinese a fast and efficient way to master 500 basic characters by means of vision, imagination, association, comparison, analysis and assimilation.

With the 500 characters, the student can learn the basis of the Chinese character—the radicals, pronunciations, meanings and inter-relationships. After completing this book, learners are expected to familiarize themselves with Chinese characters and consequently improve their reading ability.

The book is written in English and Chinese, with pinyin notation, Ideal for learners with English as a medium language.

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