Kingsoft PowerWord 2007 Pro Edition, English-Chinese-Japanese

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English-Chinese-Japanese Dictionary & Translation Software
Software version released by Kingsoft in 2007
Brand New Genuine Kingsoft Software in Retail Color Box
System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Platform supported: Chinese or English platform
Four-Way Instant Electronic Dictionary for English, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) 
The User's Manual is in Simplified Chinese only. For online help in English language, simply launch the software after installation, then click Help button on menu bar, or press F1.

Benefits to Users
PowerWord 2007 Pro is designed for people learning or practicing Chinese at all levels.

For beginners, PowerWord 2007 Pro guides you word by word through Pinyin, pronunciations, Chinese character(Simplified & Traditional), origin of character/word, definitions, explanations, phrases, synonyms, antonyms, examples, translations and cultures.

For professionals, PowerWord 2007 Pro provides the most comprehensive Chinese, English and Japanese dictionaries, thesaurus and reference sources that covers all areas with its easy to use interface for all of your study, translation and research needs.

That is why PowerWord is used in more than 50,000+ educational institutes, businesses and government agencies all over the world by more than 20+ million people.

Features of the Software
Instant four-way, Chinese-English, English-Chinese, Japanese-Chinese and Chinese-Japanese, real time translation of web content are at cursor point on your screen.

User interface can switch between Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English and Japanese. So no special Chinese language OS is required to install and use this software.Phrases and example sentences explained in both English and Chinese.

Cursor Translator: For English or Chinese website, translation appears instantly by just put cursor on the words.. Trueman Speaker: Speaker button next to every word, press it to hear standard English or Chinese (Mandarin) pronunciation.

Easy to Read: All the Chinese words have Pin Yin; All the English words have Phonic symbols.

Full-text Searching system, it performs very fast search in all PowerWord 2007 Pro's database.

Useful Knowledge including Chinese Cultural: China telephone city code; Measurement & chemical element sign form; Tang-dynasty Poems with poets' introduction; Mandarin PinYin index; China history chronicle? Chinese and Foreign festival,and many more...

Over 200,000+ example sentences explained in English and Chinese, 260+ million words and phrases from 220+ professional dictionaries, thesaurus, reference sources and databases, plus 28 useful appendices.

Automatic online upgrade to the latest software version  in a year from the date of your online software registration, and this will keep your PowerWord 2007 Pro's database and its functions up to date in a year.

Pricing Policy & Shipping Method
Pricing: The listed price is an all-in-one price: product cost, postage & handling fees inclusive
Shipping: Registered Air Parcel Post via China Post, 10-20 days delivery to any country or region

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